A Substance Use Wellness Tool for Post-secondary Campuses

Dr. Shu-Ping Chen, OT Reg(Alberta), Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta
Dr. Heather Stuart, Professor and Bell Canada Mental Health and Anti-stigma Research Chair, Queen’s University

Increasing student awareness of substance misuse and potential consequences depends on developing a way of thinking and talking about this issue that resonates with young people. As part of the Caring Campus Project, a Substance Use Wellness Tool was developed to tailor conversations about substance use and promote awareness of substance use patterns and their relationship to student health and well-being. The Tool considers substance use patterns according to the degree of disruption in a continuum across 13 dimensions of daily student life from no disruption (Green), mild disruption (Yellow), moderate disruption (Orange), to severe disruption (Red). The Tool was subjected to validity testing, with very good results.