Man Up for Mental Health

Man Up is a student group is made up of a bunch of male students at the University of Calgary who share an interest in mental health and a dedication to improving their campus.

  1. Promote Men’s Mental Health
    We know that men face all kinds of struggles and concerns in regards to their mental health. We also know that it can be very hard for men to ask for help when they need, so we are working to create a campus without stigma or barriers so everyone can achieve their own mental wellness.
  2. Promote Safer Drinking
    We know that drinking can be a big part of socializing in university and for some, alcohol might be a way of coping with poor or declining mental health. We want to talk about drinking in a way that doesn’t result in harm to yourself or those around you. We are NOT about stopping people from drinking, it’s all about harm reduction.
  3. Connecting Students
    University can be overwhelming and between classes, work, and worrying about your future, you might feel pretty alone. We are here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We want a campus where people can connect to those around them and we are trying to create those circumstances. Come check out an event and connect with others!